East European Summer School 2016 – The Chronicle

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On the 1st July 2016 a 26th Warsaw East European Summer School begun. Yhe inaugural lecture was presented by prof. Jan Kubik, Director of the UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies. The lecture was entitled „East European Mnemonic Wars: the Politics of Historical Memory versus Historical Policy”.

Below we present the Schol’s chronicle:

July 1

Dir. Jan Malicki opens the Warsaw East European Summer School 2016.

Prof. Jan Kubik (UCL School of Slavonic and East European Studies).

Participants of the School.


 July 6

Dir. Jan Malicki welcomes a special lecturer – prof. Zbigniew Kruszewski.

Prof. Zbigniew Kruszewski from University of Texas presenting his lecture”Suprising and Unexpected Aspects of the US Presidential Elections in 2016 – an assesment attempt”

The audience of the lecture.

July 7

Prof. Andrzej Sulima Kamiński from Georgetown University.

Prof. Andrzej Sulima Kamiński with his lectire „Memory, Traditions and Historical Policy of the Nations of the Former Rzeczpospolita, Kingdom of Poland and the Great Duchy of Lithuania”.

The School’s participants at the Brudziński Hall of the Kazimierzowski UW Palace.

Prof. Leszek Zasztowt.

 July 21

A group photography.

Dir. Jan Malicki presenting the diplomas to the School’s graduates.

Group photography of the School’s graduates in front of the UW Old Library.