Journey through the history of January Uprising

25-09-17 Promocja 0 comment

On September 23 Centre for East European Studies organized journey through the history of the January Uprising. The journey was organized for students of Eastern Studies, who are currently on Polish course at Polonicum and will start the academic year at CEES from 2 October. The journey was conducted by the Colonel Tadeusz Krząstek.

Students visited the Polish Army Museum where they saw the exhibits showing the history of the Polish state of the Piasts, the Jagiellons, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The students were able to see a valuable memorabilia from the national insurrections, the struggle for independence and borders between 1914-1921, the history of the Second Republic and the struggle of the Polish nation during the Second World War.

The journey ended at the the Citadel of Warsaw, where the Romuald Traugutt`s cross is situated. Every year CEES`s representatives lit a candle in memory of Romulad Traugutt.