New issue of „Pro Georgia. Journal of Kartvelological Studies” is available now

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We are happy to announce that the new volume of the

„Pro Georgia. Journal of Kartvelological Studies”.

has been released!


„Pro Georgia” has become one of the most important and one of the few scientific journals dedicated to the widely understood Kartvelological (Georgian) and Caucasian issues in Poland and also in Europe. In „Pro Georgia” you can find the great essays about the history, culture and literature of the Caucasus. „Pro Georgia” gathers representatives of various disciplines and specialties around the caucasian issues and is the most well-known and recognized place to present scientific researches.


David Kolbaia is the editor-in-chief . The editorial board consists of Wojciech Materski, Jan Malicki, Fr Henryk Paprocki. 


„Pro Georgia. Journal of Kartvelological Studies. Centre for East European Studies Faculty of Oriental Studies University of Warsaw”. 27(2017). ISSN: 1230-1604.