Round Table III – Israel/Middle East and CEE/Poland

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Warsaw East European Conference is approaching quickly and we are excited to introduce you to our stacked lineup of special guests of the 3rd Round Table, entitled

Israel/Middle East and CEE/Poland

Round Table 3
Laurence Weinbaum

Lawrence Weinbaum, DC, PhD, director of the Israel Council on Foreign Relations, Director General at World Jewish Congress (WJC), former editor in chief of the Israel Journal of Foreign Affairs, adjunct lecturer at the Ariel University. Author of more than 100 politics and academics papers. His works are focused on East Central European history and contemporary Jewish and Israeli affairs. Dr Weinbaum specializes in fostering Polish-Jewish dialogue

Piotr Puchta

Piotr Puchta, Director of the Department of Africa and the Middle East at Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Previously, Puchta at Polish Embassy in Tel Aviv. He was a counselor in the Department of Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Israel. In 2009, Puchta was nominated for the position of Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Egypt, Eritrea and Sudan. Puchta is an expert in Middle Eastern issues and Polish-Israeli relations.

Agnieszka Magdziak-Miszewska

Agnieszka Magdziak – Miszewska, former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Israel, Polish literary philologist, theatrologist, journalist and diplomat. In the 1980s she was head of section in monthly Więź. Following this, she was director of the independent Centre for International Studies in Warsaw. Magdziak – Miszewska was deputy Ambassador and plenipotentiary for the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Moscow, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Israel, former adviser for Polish-Jewish relations in the Prime Minister`s Office and adviser to the Minister of National Defence.