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The Centre for East European Studies exceptionaly values the Alumni of “Eastern Studies”. In 2010, the Centre for East European Studies celebrated the 10th anniversary since its first graduates left the Potocki Palace UW with their “M.A. Specialist in Eastern Studies” diplomas in hand. To celebrate this occasion, the Centre organized the First Reunion of Eastern Studies Graduates of the University of Warsaw on 2-3 October. Yhe following, Second Reunion took place o December 13-14 2014.

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II Zjazd Absolwentów "Studiów Wschodnich" 2014
IInd “Eastern Studies” Alumni Reunion 2014
I Zjazd Absolwentów "Studiów Wschodnich" 2010
Ist “Eastern Studies” Alumni Reunion 2010











In order to commemorate these two reunions, the Centre published a special album – “Corpus Studiosorum” in two parts: TOMUS I 2000-2010 and TOMUS II 2010-2014. The albums contain photographs and information regarding each graduate, student registers and photographs of each group. They also include photographs of all the Eastern Studies lecturers, as well as chronicles of the reunions.

From 1998-2014, out of a total of 539 individuals that studied Eastern Studies, 272 have gone on to defend their M.A. thesis – 119 Polish students and 153 scholarship students.

The overwhelming majority of our graduates work in careers to do with “the East” – in government agencies, diplomacy, education institutions, analytical institutions, the media or nongovernment organizations. There are not many university specializations which guarantee so many of their graduates work in their “area of expertise”, but also simply a career. University studies are elite. After all, should everything in the 21st century be intended for global and mass consumption? Our graduates work in the most important government institutions in the Republic of Poland – the Chancellery of the President, Chancellery of the Prime Minister, various ministries (especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and other central state institutions. A number of our graduates have gone on to work as journalists in important media centers. As well, a large number of our graduates are engaged in scholarly and research work at the University of Warsaw, Polish Academy of Sciences and other academic institutions. Some graduates have made a career for themselves in non-governmental institutions – foundations and organizations dealing with the East. They also form a significant part of the main “Eastern think-tank” in Poland – the Centre for Eastern Studies (OSW). A number of our graduates have already defended their Ph.D. theses, while others are close to their goal. One of our graduates has even received a habilitation.