Biuletyn Informacyjny Studium

BISBiuletyn Informacyjny Studium (BIS) is a Polish language internet news bulletin oriented on information from East-Central Europe, Balkans, Russia, Caucasus and Central Asia.

It was initiated by “Eastern Studies” students. Its name refers to the tradition of the underground “Biuletyn Informacyjny Obozu”. BIS editors are “Eastern Studies” graduates, mainly non-Polish, with perfect knowlegde of local languages – therefore the news presented by BIS are “first hand” information – searched and edited based on local news bulletins, press and other media.  News are updated three times a week – Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

 Maria Przełomiec is the editor-in-chief of the BIS

BIS editorial team:

– Russia:  Jurij Kurstak

 Ukraine and Moldova:  Anatoly Zymnin

– Belarus and Baltic States: Igor Isayev

– Central Europe: Agata Szczuka

– Balkans and Romania: Ecelino Ionescu

– Central Asia: Eugenia Olejnikowa

– Caucasus: Krzysztof Łukjanowicz