Cooperation with Georgian Universities

współpraca z gruzińskimi uczelniamiIvane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University

Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University is the biggest and oldest university in Georgia. University of Warsaw signed its first, general cooperation agreement with TSU in 2000. The Centre for East European Studies began its cooperation with TSU ub 200 when the Caucasus Bueau of CEES UW has ben initiated at TSU. The Bureau began its activity in April 2007.

Main activities ang goals of the Bureau are:

– promotion of information in Georgia, but also in Azerbaijan and Armenia, about Polish scholarship programs and academic events organized by Polish universities;

– providing help to Georgian, Armenian and Azeri students who wish to study at Polish univerities and profit from Polish scholarship programs;

– organization of Polish language classes, which goal is to prepare Caucasian students for studies in Poland;

– integration of Caucasian gratuates of Polish scholarship programs;

– providing help to Caucasian scholars who want to conduct research projects in Poland;

– organization of meetings, lectures and conferences whis will give information about Polish political, economic and social transformation;

– active development of contacts and suport for Caucasian academic and intelectual circles;TSU budynek

– organization of an academic library containing Polish books – for Georgian students and scholars;

– organization of the so called “Warsaw Lectures” in Tbilisi;

Apart form the Caucasus Bureau’s activity the cooperation with TSU lays upon many bilateral visits and meetings – on rectors and deans level.

The latest initiatives are:

– Alexander Rondeli Scholarship – exchange of two scholars (PhD) yearly, exchange for scholars in the fields of: international relations, political science, history, diplomacy and Polish-Georgian relations.

– Eastern Studies in Georgia – project of joint studies, 2-year MA studies in English, realised on the basis of the University of Warsaw “Eastern Studies” program. Student shall spend 3 semesters in Tbilisi, and the last one in Warsaw, at the CEES UW. MA thesis shall be defenden before a mixed UW and TSU commission  and the studets shall obtain two MA diplomas.


GSTUGori State Teaching University

University of Warsaw (Faculty of Polish Studies, Faculty of History, Faculty of Scociology and Philosophy, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Faculty of Geography and Regional Studies and Centre for East European Studies) has developed a close ties with the Gori State Teaching University (GTU). In January 2015 a UW delegation with the leadershio of Vice-Rector Tomaszewski and with 4 Deans and representatives of the CEES paid a vitist to GTU. In October the Authotrieties of GTU – with Rector Giorgi Sosiashvili ahd visited UW. In November another visit in Gori from UW Deans took place.

Apart from visits and bilateral contacts the Gori Teaching University made a series of steps aimed at intensifying cooperation with the University of Warsaw. In November 2015 a “UW Hall” was opened at GTU and, starting from February 2016 Polish language is lectured at GTU as one of the facultative lectorates. Since academic year 2016/2017 Polish language lectorate is obligatory on selected faculties of GTU.

GSTU budynekUW also has made first initiatives designed to establish a solid cooperation with GTU. UW Vice-rector prof. Kicińska-Habior decided to provide GTU students with the folowing possibilities:

1) 2 places at the summer Polish language course in the UW “Polonicum” centre (free of charge);

2) 2 places on studies at UW (free of charge with a scholarship);

3) creation of a “Polish library” at GTU by the faculties of UW;

4) reservation of 2 places in Polish scholarship program coordinated by CEES UW;

5) 1 place on English-language studies on the Faculty of Economic Studies UW (free of charge);

In March 2016 with the initiative of the CEES, University of Warsaw has signed its first agreement on cooperation with Gori State Teaching University. This agreement constitutes a first step towards further cooperation.