Round Table II

CEE on the New Silk Road

co-organized with the Center for Asian Affairs

WANG Yizhou, professor,  deputy head of the International School of SIS at the University of Beijing. Former deputy director of the Institute of World Economics and Policy (IWEP) at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and former editor-in-chief of the monthly World Economics and Politics. Prof. Yizhou is focused on Chinese international and foreign policy.

Bartosz Kowalski, assistant professor at the Center for Asian Affairs of the University of Lodz. His research focuses on social and political development of Western China and Sino-Central European relations. Kowalski was a participant in numerous research workshops including the University of Oslo and Nanjing University; has research experience in the PRC and Taiwan. Since 2014 he is engaged in the research grant “Ideas and Identity in China’s Foreign Policy”. Member of the training project on Polish-Chinese public diplomacy for local governments and business institutions financed by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs; co-author of “Guide to Cooperation with Chinese Local Authorities”.

Bogdan Góralczyk, director of the Centre for Europe at the University of Warsaw; former Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Thailand, Republic of the Philippines and Myanmar (former Birma). He was the head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Poland. Since 2016 Editor-in-Chief of the CE UW Publishing Program. Góralczyk is an author of many books and dozens of academic papers. He has given academic related presentations in many universities and research institutes all over the world – from Budapest, Granada or Riga, to New Delhi, Taipei in Taiwan or Beijing and Xiamen in the PRC.

Richard Q. Turcsányi, Deputy Director of the Institute of Asian Studies in Bratislava, Editor-in-Chief of Global Politics Journal in Brno, academic teacher at Masaryk University, Brno. Turcsányi teaches courses on current East Asia, Chinese Foreign Policy and theories of international relations. In the past he conducted research or study stays at National Chengchi University in Taipei, European Institute for Asian Studies in Brussels, Peking University, and LPU University in Indian Punjan.

Milan Hauner, PhD, Foreign Policy Research Institute Associate Scholar, professor and honorary fellow in the department of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, author and co-editor of ten books and more than 100 scholarly articles.

Hauner has taught and conducted research at various universities in England (Warwick, L.S.E., Open U.), Germany (Freiburg, Leipzig – as a Fullbright professor) and America (Philadelphia, Berkeley, Hoover Institution, Stanford, Georgetown, Columbia, U.S. Naval War College).

His research interests have focused on the modern history of India, Central Asia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, and Russia.