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pomnik Starynkiewicza
Monument of General Sokrat Starynkiewicz,one of the Polish-Russian School’s patron

Polish-Russian School is a part of a broader project of the co called Bilateral Schools. Their organization  was the Centre’s response to the need to educate future elites and leaders of social change, as well as leaders in the realms of science, culture, politics, the media and civil society that are actively engaged in building a civil society in East European countries.

The Centre has organized the following Bilateral Schools:

Polish-Russian School (2007-2012 and 2014-2015)

Polish-Ukrainian School (2008)

Polish-Caucasian School (2008)

Polish-Moldavian School (2008)

Polish-Belarusian School (2008)

Uczestnicy I Szkoły Polsko-Rosyjskiej z Andrzejem Wajdą, 2007 r.
Participants of the Ist Polish-Russian School with Andrzej Wajda, 2007

The National Schools are intended to promote discussion on the subjects of history, contemporaneity, place and image of the students’ countries in Europe, as well as their mutual relations with Poland amidst the backdrop of transformation and change in Europe and the World. During the National School, participants have the opportunity to learn, enter into new academic environments and meet distinguished scholars, as well as exchange ideas and experiences. The knowledge and information learned during the National School is utilized by participants in their later research and studies.

National School participants are Ph.D. candidates, young scholars, artists, journalists, publishers and social activists. The National School program has been in existence since 2007 and over 250 young people from Eastern Europe have taken part in it.

Adam Daniel Rotfeld - wykład inauguracyjny V Szkoły Polsko-Rosyjskiej, 2012 r.
Adam Daniel Rotfeld – inaugural lecture of the Vth Polish-Russian School, 2012

Unfortunately most of the National Schools no longer receive supplementary funding and currently, only the Polish-Russian School is still organized.

Polish-Russian School is organized since 2007 by the Centre for East European Studies UW. It has been under the patronage of Sokrates Starynkiewicz (1820-1902) – a Russian general and President of Warsaw (1875-1892), with two monuments erected in his honor by the Poles themselves – and Dmitry Filosofov (1872-1940) – publicist, literary critic and political activist.

Every year the School gathers approx. 20 participants – young scholars from Russia and Poland interested in different fields of humanities, history and present problems of the region.