Centre for Belarusian Studies

DSC_0142 (1)Patriotic and independent academic circles in Belarus are presently unable to act freely. It does not have an academic centre around which it could gather. At the same time the achievements of shcolars participating in Konstanty Kalinowski Scholarship Program show a growing academic potential.

The above mentioned situation as well as the Konstanty Kalinowski Program success have led to the decision of taking one step further and creating the Centre for Belarusian Studies (CSB) at the University of Warsaw, as the Centre for East European Studies unit. The main purpose of the CSB is to enable Belarusian scholars to work both as didactics and researchers. In the frames of CSB there are 11 Belarusian historians, mainly from Grodno. They are a group of academics fired from work because of political reasons, theri independent research and publication of materials considered by the Belrausian authorities to be “harmful”. All these people were deproved of their right to conduct honest research in their home country.

Members of the Centre for Belarusian Studies conduct general-university lectures at UW, as well as seminars for shcolarship-takers and graduates of the Konstanty Kalinowski Program. They take active part in research projects concerning the history and present problems of Belarus.

In the frames of the Centre there is also “Belarusian Analytical Workhop” initiated by prof. Andrei Vardomatski. It focuses on opinion polls in Belarus. It publishes a two-monthly results of the polls. The Workhop has its own network of researchers conducting the queries. Every year they organize presentations of their work.

One of the forms of the CSB activities is publishing a journal “Yearbook of the Centre for Belarusian Studies”.

Members of the Centre for Belarusian Studies CEES UW:

dr Andrei Charniakevich

dr Tadeusz Gawin

mgr Tatsiana Kasataya

dr hab. Aliaksandr Krautsevich

mgr Ihar Kuzminich

dr Henadz Sahanovich

dr Henadzi Semianchuk

dr hab. Sviatlana Sialverstava

dr hab. Aliaksandr Smalianchuk

dr Ina Sorkina

dr hab. Siergiej Tokts