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The Centre for East European Studies of the University of Warsaw

is honored to invite you to

3rd international academic conference


(February 15-16, 2018)


Kauka po 1991 r.

Experienced academics as well as young researchers studying problems of the North and South Caucasus are invited to take part in the conference.


Main topics:

– the history of the region since 1991, difficult beginnings of independence, the phenomenon of former I Secretaries of the Communist Party coming back to power in Georgia and Azerbaijan; different  paths of development in the beginning of XXI century;
– conflicts in the region after 1991, the chances of their settlement, situation of refugees, the existence and functioning of the unrecognized republics;

– so called  “colorful revolutions” in the South Caucasus, the balance of 1:2;

– economic situation of the region;

– Caucasus and its strategic position – energy -transport- defense;

– social situation in the region, education, media, non-governmental organizations;

– national and ethnic minorities in the region;

– issues connected to the languages ​​and dialects of the region;

– traditions, music, literature , art, theater, film – the culture of the Caucasus;

– the condition of education in the countries of the region, contemporary research regarding the Caucasus region;

– religion and religious issues in the region;

– political changes in the region;

– European integration of the countries of the region, the role of the Eastern Partnership project, uneven progress in the integration process, the European Union vs. Russian integration projects;

– elections in South Caucasian countries;

– political party systems, legal and constitutional (structural) issues of the region ;

– reactions and changes in the South Caucasus in connection with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict

– influence of the war in Syria, activity of ISIS and migration crisis in the countries of South and North Caucasus


Working languages of the conference​​

Polish, English

Application deadline

(title of the paper, one-page abstract, a brief biography of the paper’s author) – January 20, 2018, on the address: studium2@uw.edu.pl

The time and place of conference

February 15-16,  2018, Sala Narożna, Potocki’s Palace, University of Warsaw


There is no fee for participants of the Conference.

During the session we provide coffee and cookies.

For participants coming outside of Warsaw we can make a reservation at the University of Warsaw hotel “Hera”. The price is 140 PLN.


Selected papers can be published in the “New Prometheus” journal.