Andrzej Ananicz`s last farewell

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On 28.09.2017, a funeral ceremony of dr Andrzej Ananicz took place in Warsaw.

The funeral Mass was held in the Wizytek Church – former university church.

Among the mourners were Ananicz`s family and friends, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Polish International Institute, the Foreign Intelligence Agency, diplomats and academics. On the mass and funeral ceremony were present all the scientific and administrative staff of the Centre for East European Studies for whom Andrew Ananicz was not only a colleague but also a friend.

During the Mass, Ananicz`s friends in emotional and warm words recalled deceased, his life and merits for Polish diplomacy and education. His involvement in building Polish democracy, extraordinary knowledge, insight and responsibility was mentioned.

After the Mass, a funeral ceremony was held at the Powązki Wojskowe Cemetery. During the ceremony director Jan Malicki officially broke the commemorative xeranthemum, which is the official ceremony of the farewell of the Centre for East European Studies member.

Below you will find photos from the Mass and the funeral ceremony.