East European Summer School – Closing Ceremony

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On 21.07.2017 the Ballroom of the Tyszkiewiczów – Potockich Palace took place the

Ceremony of the closing of the XXVI East European Summer School

The ceremony was opened and led by dir. Jan Malicki. In his speech dir. Malicki talked about the dramatic history of Warsaw and its inhabitants, what was the starting point for introdution of prof. Kruszewski – not only a great scientist but also a great patriot, participant of the Warsaw Uprising, member of the gen. Andres army.


Professor Kruszewski, in his lecture, presented the genesis and the possible consequences of Donald Trump’s election and policy. The entire lecture of prof. Kruszewski is available on our You Tube channel.



After the professor’s lecture, dir. Malicki led the graduation ceremony of this year’s Eastern Summer School.

Special awards were given to the teachers of the School of Oriental Languages.

The Rector of the University of Warsaw also decided to honour with a special medal two very important professors of East European Summer School: prof. Jane Curry and prof. Zbigniew Kruszewski.


The pictures form the ceremony are available below: